1x3 display processor

1X3,1X2 display processor
   display processor u
ltra high resolution, the output supports the highest resolution of 5760*1200.
  Plug and play,Supports high-definition input and output, without distortion.
  Super high resolution desktop application, super large screen wall, command and dispatching system, multi screen video monitoring, engineering display application, multi-channel projection, virtual reality, ring theater, large advertising wall, LCD / LED multi screen, etc.

1X3,1X2 display processor
display processor u
ltra high resolution, the output supports the highest resolution of 5760*1200 , and the downward compatible low resolution, the factory default resolution of 3072*768.

High end programmable FPGA chip with 45nm technology, full hardware real-time processing architecture, ultra fast processing speed without delay.

3 display processor Specifications

Product name


Input Max. Pixel FPS


Output Max. Pixel FPS


Supports the highest resolution

5760x1200,It is downward compatible with resolution

      Factory default resolution: 3072x768 @ 30Hz

Input interface type

1XDP and 1XDVI input

Output interface type

      3XDVI outputs

Power Supply

     12V@2A AC-DC power cable

Quality assurance

     One year


display processor Connection diagram

display processor Connection diagram

display processor Connection diagram
1) The output of computer graphics card is connected to it.
2) The output of multi screen treasure is connected to the display Device,and the serial number of the output port is connected to corresponding display screen.
3) It connected with 12V power supply, supporting Poe at the same time.
4) After the correct connection is completed, the power light, signal light, the port connection signal light and output light will display the normally on state.
5) Its connection is flexible, can be combined arbitrarily, easy and quick to operate.