BIT-Ex-GS HD video network extender

Multi-screen display project, multi-channel projection fusion project, LCD splicing wall, exhibition project, etc.

1. BIT-Ex-GS has two working modes, supporting CAT5E/6 extender and HDMI loop out.
2. In the expander mode of BIT-Ex-GS-4k60, the internal video compression codec can support CAT6 cable
4K60HZ444 format for transmission, the transmission distance can reach 70 meters, BIT-Ex-GS-4k30 uses CAT6 cable to transmit
The output 4K30HZ444 format, the transmission distance can reach 100 meters.
3. Video and audio can be transmitted via CAT cable. Support almost all 4K formats and color spaces,
4. It can work independently to support CAT extender, so that 4K long-distance transmission can be realized in HDMI working mode. Yes
HDMI1.4/2.0 compatible, each port supports HDCP1.4, 2.2.
5.BIT-Ex-GS can be cascaded with at least 5 levels using HDMI
6. Support IR signal extension control
7. There are HDCP1.4/2.2 for HDM transmission and receiver encryption and decryption respectively
8. Support YCbCr444, YCbCr420, RGB
9. Cornerstone Network Transmission supports network cable power supply POE, only need to supply 12V power to a single (TX/RX) device.
10. Adopt pure hardware design architecture, plug and play, without any software driver.
Name BIT-Ex-GS-4k60/4k30
Type agreement HDMI1.4,2.0/HDCP1.4,2.2
Interface bandwidth 6GB/s
Maximum resolution supported 4k*2k@60Hz
Interface HDMI interface,TX supports HDMI loop
HDMI maximum input/output
Less than 5 meters
Interface Industrial terminal
Signal direction Two-way transparent transmission
Baud rate Adaptive,up to115200bps
Data bits 8 bits
Interface Standard RJ45 interface
Recommended maximum
transmission distance
4k60Hz:Cat6 network cable 70 meters  4K30 Cat6 network cable100 meters 
Power DC12V/1A
Maximum power consumption 6W
Temperatur -5℃~+70℃
Humidity 5%~90%
Quality assurance One year