BIT-MSE-4K60-104PRO creative ultra-clear processor

Ultra-high resolution desktop applications, ultra-large screen walls, command and dispatch systems, multi-screen video surveillance, engineering display applications, multi-channel projection, virtual reality, surround-screen theater, large advertising walls, LCD/LED multi-screens, etc.

BIT-MSE-4K60-104PRO creative ultra-clear processor
1. BIT-MSE-4K60-104PRO creative ultra-clear processor is an industrial-grade high-performance product specially developed for the integration of multi-desktop operation and multi-channel projection. It adopts HDMI/DP input interface and HDMI output.
2. Ultra high resolution, the output supports the highest resolution 4x1920x1200@60Hz/1920x1200x4@60Hz, backward compatible with low resolution.
3. Support 1xN, Nx1, MxN and 90° rotation equal ratio splicing, no stretching, no deformation, and a wider field of view.
4. Using 45nm process high-end programmable FPGA chip, full hardware real-time processing architecture, ultra-fast processing speed without delay.
5. Industrial-grade design, thick 6-layer PCB board, 16KV super anti-static ability, super product stability.
6. Support parallel use to ensure real-time display requirements on large screens.
7. Low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection design, internal conduction heat dissipation, no external heat dissipation measures, and extremely high reliability
Product name BIT-MSE-4K60-104PRO
Input Max.Pixel FPS 600MHz
Output Max.Pixel FPS 330MHz
Input interface type HDMI/DP(Choose one,HDMI has priority)
Output interface type 4 HDMI outputs
Supports the highest resolution 4x1920x1200@60Hz(horizontal screen)
1920x1200x4@60Hz(vertical screen)
Factory default resolution: 3840x2160@60Hz
Output distance 15 meters
Power Supply 12V@2AAC-DC
Quality assurance One year