Shenzhen Bitvisus Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise focusing on the development, production and sales of series products with FPGA image processing technology and high-definition audio and video signal transmission as the core. Its main series products include: splicing processor, multi screen extender, multi screen fusion device, image processor, HDMI matrix, HDMI distributor, HDMI switch, image divider, network delay Long device, optical fiber transmitter, HDMI optical terminal, DVI optical terminal, KVM extender and other products. It is widely used in projection, splicing, exhibition, touch interaction, advertising media and other fields.
  Shenzhen Bitvisus Co., Ltd. has a strong R & D team, with more than 10 experienced engineers working here. Most of the core backbones come from leading companies in the industry such as Huawei, ZTE, Xilinx, etc. with more than 15 years of rich experience in the audio and video industry, Shenzhen Bitvisus Co., Ltd. provides customers with differentiated products, OEM / ODM services, and helps customers succeed in business.