BIT-Ma-ADI-0808 is a 8 input 8 output all-digital ultra-clear matrix switcher, which supports a resolution of up to 4Kx2K, supports 3D video, HDCP1.4 specification, 16 bit color depth. It can provide customers with a non-destructive, real-time, ultra-clear, full digital experience. Provide a variety of control interfaces (RS232, TCP / IP) to meet customer control needs.

1.Support 8 HDMI video inputs and cross switching of 8 HDMI video outputs. 2.Support the highest resolution 4K x 2K, support 3D video.
3.The front panel LCD shows the real-time feedback status. If there is no operation for a long time, the display automatically enters the sleep low power state. 4.Supports HDMI 1.4 protocol, HDCP1.4 protocol, and 3D TV, compatible with
DVT 1.0 protocol.
5. Multiple control methods: keypad operation, RS-232, TCP / IP.
6. Flexible EDID reading mechanism to solve various connection compatibility issues.
7. Integrated multiple control protocols, convenient and quick to use with various central control equipment.
8. Product firmware can be upgraded on-site through the network port, which can easily provide remote support on site and customization of special functions for users.
9. Built-in equalizer up to 100 feet at input and 50 feet at output.
10. Powerful storage function, can store and recall multiple pre-stored switching modes; has power-down memory function, with power-off site protection function.
11. Standard 1U industrial chassis, easy installation, fast operation, support 7X12 hours of uninterrupted work, support AC power in the range of 90-264V.

Model BIT-Ma-ADI-0808
Specification Input / output support 8 channels each
Input signal Full digital HDMI signal
Output signal Full digital HDMI signal
Control method RS-232、TCP/IP
Support resolution The highest resolution can reach 4k x 2k
(4096  × 2160)
HDMI version HDMI 1.4 with 3D TV support
Digital content protection Compatible with HDCP 1.4
Bandwidth 9 Gbps
Hot plug Plug and play, easy to install, support hot plug
Input line length Built-in equalizer at input up to 100 feet
Output line length ≤50 feet
Input / output interface type HDMI Interface Type A 19-pin Female
External power 110~220 VAC
Working environment Storage and use temperature: -20 ° ~ + 70 ° C
humidity: 10% ~ 90%
Product weight 4KG
Rated power 22W
Chassis size (W x D x H) 1U(440mm x 263mm x 44mm)
Warranty 1 year free warranty

DP signal:Display port 1.2
HDMI signal:HDMI 2.0