it can be applied to Multi screen display project, multi-channel projection fusion project, LCD splicing wall, exhibition project, etc.

1.It is an extender product for transmitting HDMI 1.4 HD video signal through six kinds of network cables, which can effectively extend the network transmission distance and break the limit of traditional Ethernet transmission distance within 330 feet.
2.Support 4K * 2K @ 30Hz resolution transmission, downward compatible with low resolution.
3.When the resolution of HDMI interface is 4K * 2K @ 30Hz, it supports cat.6 or cat.7 with a maximum length of 130 feet.
4.The standard HDBaset transmission protocol is adopted,with long transmission distance,fast speed,no compression of video signal,clear and smooth picture quality, reliable performance, strong stability, low failure rate. The fan free and low power consumption design can effectively reduce the construction difficulty and after-sales cost.
5.HDBaset standard supports power POE of network cable, and only needs to supply 12V power for a single (Tx / Rx) HDBaset device.
6.Adopt full hardware design architecture, plug and play, without any software driver.

BIT-Ex-HDBT-4K-70 Details
Video Type agreement HDMI1.4 / HDMI1.2
Pixel bandwidth 165MHz/330MHz
Interface bandwidth The total bandwidth is 10.2Gbps
Maximum resolution supported 4k*2k@30Hz
Interface DVI-I
DVI Max I / O distance Less than 16 feet
RS-232 Interface Industrial terminal
Signal direction Bidirectional transmission
Baud rate Adaptive, up to 115200bps
Data bits 8 bits
Mesh port Interface Standard RJ45 interface
Recommended maximum transmission distance 1080p: CAT6 230 / 330 feet
4K * 2K: CAT6 130 feet
Other Power DC 12V/1A
Maximum power consumption 6W
Temperature Working temperature:-5℃~+70℃
Humidity Working humidity:5%~90%
Outline size 105*76*27mm
Quality assurance One year
HDMI signal:HDMI1.4/1.2