Features of Bitvisus HDMI matrix switcher

2020-10-28 14:27
Bitvisus HDMI matrix, HD audio and video signal processing expert!
Bitvisus HDMI matrix switcher is a high-performance professional digital signal switching device, which is used for cross switching between multiple HDMI signal source input and HDMI display device output. Each signal output can choose any signal source freely without interfering with other outputs. The signal transmission attenuation is minimized to achieve high fidelity output of video image signal, and the image resolution is up to 1080P。
The full English name of HDMI is "high definition multimedia interface". HDMI interface can provide up to 4.96gbps data transmission bandwidth, and can transmit uncompressed audio signal and high-resolution video signal. At the same time, there is no need for a / A or a / D conversion before signal transmission, which can ensure the highest quality of audio-visual signal transmission.
Bitvisus HDMI matrix switcher can fundamentally overcome some problems that traditional analog Matrix Switchers are difficult to solve, such as signal tailing, ghosting, blur, brightness degradation, shading interference, etc. corresponding to digital signals, as long as the receiver judges 0 and 1 correctly, the information can be received without loss, thus ensuring the image quality. Using bit HDMI matrix switcher can make the signal transmission distance far, the project coverage area is large, and the installation and debugging are more convenient and fast. At present, bit HDMI matrix switcher has 4 series, 8 series and 9 series, which can meet the needs of different customers!

Bitvisus HDMI matrix switcher has the following characteristics:
●Support HDMI version 1.3;
●Through the control of splicing button, splicing function can be realized (optional);
●Automatic gain technology with power-off field protection function;
●With wheel inspection function, it can set wheel inspection switch, wheel inspection time and wheel inspection channel;
●Provide up to 9 user-defined output channel configuration schemes, and store and call the schemes;
●The IP address of the matrix control server can be used to control the matrix;
●Support panel control, remote control and serial port control modes;
●Locking function of panel and remote controller;
●Restore the factory settings of the equipment;
●Front panel LCD status display;
●LCD screen protection function;
● buzzer switch setting;
●Quick installation and simple operation.
At present, Bitvisus HDMI matrix switcher is mainly used in broadcasting and television engineering, multi-functional conference system, multimedia conference hall, large screen display engineering, television teaching, command and control center and other occasions requiring high definition. Welcome to the official website of bit video: www.bitvisus.com , learn more about enterprises and products.