It is mainly used in industrial applications such as ultra-high-definition video surveillance, large screen walls, large advertising screens in stores, and large screens for exhibitions.

BIT-V409R is an ultra HD Rotary Splicer by Shenzhen Bitvisus Technology Limited. Support 4 channels HDMI input (1 channel 4K@60Hz, 3 channels 4K@60Hz), 1 channel DP input (4K@60Hz), 9 channels output HDMI (1080p@60Hz), 1 channel DP loop out.
A single device, 5 inputs and 9 outputs(Compatible with 1 in 9 out), can be combined in any number of splicing modes: horizontal screen / vertical screen / 2X2, and supports large-scale cascading and parallel use in the form of loop-out.
It can open 4 windows on the whole screen at most, and supports multiple window opening modes(Single screen、PIP double screen、double screen、Four picture segmentation)
The input supports a maximum of 3840x2160@ 60Hz and is backward compatible. The maximum single output supports 1920x1080 @ 60Hz.
The input supports full screen rotation of 90 °(only supported in single-picture mode), and the output supports 180 ° rotation of the first line (only supported when the stitching mode is two lines).
no stretching, no deformation, no need to compress the input source, the picture is clear.
Support single display mode (1x1).
Support infrared remote control, serial RS232 control.
Low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. Conductive heat dissipation is used internally without any external heat dissipation measures, and the reliability is extremely high.
Support Computers, Android boxs, game consoles and other devices as input source.
Using 40nm high-end programmable FPGA chip, full hardware real-time processing architecture, ultra-fast processing speed without delay.

Product name BIT-V409R 
Input Max. Pixel FPS 600MHz
Input supports the highest resolution 3840*2160@60Hz
DP signal Display port 1.2*1
HDMI signal HDMI 2.0*1,,HDMI 1.4 *3
Output Max. Pixel FPS 165MHz
Output single screen support resolution 1920*1080@60Hz
HDMI output interface HDMI 1.3 * 9
Loop out signal Display port 1.2*1
Audio output 3.5mm Headphone
Control method Remote control, RS232 serial port (can be looped out)
Factory default resolution HDMI:3840*2160@60Hz
Support custom resolution Yes
Operating temperature 0℃-50℃
Power consumption 12W
Power supply 12V@2A AC-DC
Weight 840g
Size 270mm * 122.5mm * 20mm
Annex One DP Cable
One 12V@2A AC-DC
One remote control
Power Supply 12V@2A AC-DC
Warranty One year
DP signal:Display port 1.2*1;
HDMI signal:HDMI 2.0*1,,HDMI 1.4 *3