High resolution desktop application, large screen wall, command and dispatching system, multi screen video monitoring, engineering display application, multi-channel projection, virtual reality, ring theater, large advertising wall, LCD / LED multi screen, etc.

1. BIT-V104-HDBaseT is an industrial grade high-performance product specially developed for the demand of multichannel projection fusion. It adopts DP, DVI or HDMI / DP input interface, HDBaseT standard output port, and supports chassis .
2. (1)BIT-VWC-4K-104-SP Version. Higher resolution support 3840x2400@30Hz,compatible with low resolution. And support for custom horizontal screen resolution(7680x1200@30Hz)and vertical screen resolution (1920x4320@30Hz) .
3. (2)BIT-VWC-4K-104-HD Version. Highest resolution support 7680x1200@30Hz,compatible with low resolution. And support custom horizontal screen resolution.
4. 45nm high-end programmable FPGA chip, which is full hardware real-time processing architecture and extremely fast processing speed without delay.
5. Industrial design with thickened 6-layer PCB and 16KV anti-static , strong product stability.
6. Support parallel operation to meet the real-time display demand of large screen.
7. Low power design, the internal adopts conduction heat dissipation without any external heat dissipation measures, so the reliability is very high.

Product name BIT-VWC-4K-104    
Maximum video pixel frequency of input interface 330MHz
Maximum video pixel frequency of output interface 165MHz
BIT-VWC-4K-104 -SP
Highest resolution
BIT-VWC-4K-104 -HD
Highest resolution
Input interface type BIT-VWC-4K-104-HD:1 DP input or 1 DVI input,
BIT-VWC-4K-104-SP:HDMI/DP input(Optional)
Out interface type 4 standard HDBaseT port outputs
Transmission distance 70m, 100m, 120m optional
Power Supply 12V@2A AC-DC Power Supply
Quality assurance One year

DP signal:Display port 1.2
HDMI signal:HDMI 2.0