it is mainly applied to high resolution desktop application, large screen wall, command and dispatching system, multi screen video monitoring, engineering display application, multi-channel projection, virtual reality, ring theater, large advertising wall, LCD / LED multi screen, etc.

1.Bit-v103-hdbaset is an industrial-grade high performance product specially developed for the requirements of multi-channel projection fusion. It adopts DP, DVI or HDMI/DP input interface, HDBaseT standard network port output, and dual-use card/multi-screen gem.
2. (1) Bit-V103-HDBaset-SP version, which supports the highest resolution of 1920x3240@30Hz and is compatible with low resolution downward.Supports custom landscape resolution or portrait resolution.
3. (2) Bit-V103-HDBaset-HD version, which supports the highest resolution of 5760x1200@30Hz and is compatible with low resolution downward.Supports custom landscape resolution.
4. Adopt 45nm process high-end programmable FPGA chip, full hardware real-time processing architecture, super fast processing speed without delay.
5. Industrial-grade design, 6 layers of thickened PCB board, 16KV super anti-static ability, super product stability.
6. Parallel connection is supported to ensure the real-time display of large screen.
7. Low power consumption, energy-saving and environmental protection design, internal conduction heat dissipation, without any external heat dissipation measures, high reliability.
Product name BIT-VWC-4K-103    
Maximum video pixel frequency of input interface 330MHz
Maximum video pixel frequency of output interface 165MHz
BIT-VWC-4K-104 -SP
Highest resolution
BIT-VWC-4K-104 -HD
Highest resolution
Input interface type BIT-VWC-4K-103-HD:1 DP input or 1 DVI input,
BIT-VWC-4K-103-SP:HDMI/DP input(Optional)
Out interface type 4 standard HDBaseT port outputs
Transmission distance 70m, 100m, 120m optional
Power Supply 12V@2A AC-DC Power Supply
Quality assurance One year
DP signal:Display port 1.2
HDMI signal:HDMI 2.0