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BIT Ex HDBT 4K60Hz KVM Extender

BIT Ex HDBT 4K60Hz KVM Extender

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KEY FEATURESUltra-low compression ratio, optical fiber long-distance transmission. Transmission Distance up to 10KM.

KEY FEATURESMax Resolution up to 3840x2160@60Hz.

KEY FEATURESSupport EDID lock, pass-through, HDCP, and USB-HID.

KEY FEATURESPlug and play, no need to use software. 

KEY FEATURESSupport RS232 two-way communication function pass-through.

Product name BIT-Ex-HDBT-4K60-KVM
HDMI Protocol HDMI2.0
HDCP Protocol HDCP2.2
Max Pixel Clock Rate
Transmission Bandwidth 18Gpbs
Support Max Resolution 4Kx2K@60Hz
Recommended HDMI Output/Input Distance <5m
RS232 Baud Rate Max 115200bps
Data Bit 8 data bits
Network Port RJ45
Piber type

Dual fiber/ single fiber single mode

dual-mode multiple fibers

Fiber Transmission Distance

Dual fiber/ single fiber single mode:10Km

dual-mode multiple fibers: 300m

Operating Temperature -5℃-70℃
Power Rating 6W
Power supply 12V@2A
Weight 840g
Size 126mm * 85mm * 26mm
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