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BIT EPF 103 Embedded Projection Fusion Server

BIT EPF 103 Embedded Projection Fusion Server

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KEY FEATURESBIT R&D and production, an embedded projection server specially developed for multi-channel projection fusion.

KEY FEATURESSupport 1HDMI input, 3 HDMI outputs, and audio output.

KEY FEATURESSimple control, easy to use.

KEY FEATURESLow power consumption, no external cooling required.

KEY FEATURESProfessional EPF Server is suitable for exhibition hall, indoor advertising video wall, digital signage, commercial display, control room display, Immersive room, and interactive projection.

Product name BIT-EPF-103
HDMI Output 1080P@60Hz
USB Port 2 USB3.0 TypeA
Network Port RJ45
Serial Port RS232
Output Distance 15m
Power Rating 12W
Power supply DC 12V2A 
Weight 815g
Size 208mm * 156mm * 45mm
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