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Bitvisus 4K 8K Ultra HD video wall controller processor, there are plug-and-play mini Ultra HD series, HDbaseT series, and standard chassis series. The plug-and-play mini UHD series, are used for ultra-high resolution video walls, small size, single machine support 4K/8K, multiple devices support 8K@60Hz 16K, etc. Ultra-high resolution. HDbaseT series, support HDBT interface, specially developed for multi-projection projects. Standard chassis series, standard 1U,2U chassis, industrial grade performance, 24/7 stable work.

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Bitvisus’s Video Wall Controllers

Video wall controller is a device that manages and controls a large screen consisting of multiple display devices, usually consisting of multiple screens or projectors that are spliced together to create a large screen. Excellent scalability. Ease of use. High flexibility

When is a video wall controller required?

Obviously, when you are doing a multi-screen display system project, you need to use it, common applications include, control rooms, security rooms, commercial video walls, exhibition hall walls, interactive video walls. There are also applications in multi-projector displays, immersive spaces, dome projection, etc.