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2x7 VIDEO WALL with portrait screens

MSE video wall controller

Point-to-point 8K video wall & Multi-Projector Systems

Single row/single column 1xn nx1 video wall.

Horizontal video wall with portrait screen.

Immersive room, multi-projection solution.

Commercial display, Exhibition hall, Immersive room exhibition


Customize the resolution according to the project.

Immersive room multi projector System video wall controller

VWC Video Wall Controller

Rotation PIP Bezel Correction Web Control

Conventional 16:9 2X2 3X3 4K Video Wall Controller

Rotation function, output image 90 ° / 180 ° rotation

Picture-in-picture mode, multi-view function

Using the Bezel Correction function of Web control

Video Wall Controller with HDMI Matrix Function

Modular Chassis Standard Rack Unit Video Wall Controller

MSE Modular video wall controller:

1U/2U Rack unit, For point-to-point (pixel to pixel) 8K/16K video wall, 8K/16K large-scale projection projects immersive room exhibition

VWC Modular video wall controller:

1U/2U Rack unit, For artistic video wall, Unconventional Video Wall. Bezel Correction via web control. Rotation function & PIP mode.


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Over 8K Solution

Unconventional Resolution

Web Control

Rotation Function

PIP Mode

Bezel Correction

Multi-Projection Fusion

Immersive Room Exhibition

Custom Resolution

Artistic Video Wall

HDMI matrix

multiple input multiple output

High performance 4K HDMI matrix 4x4 8x8 HDMI matrix with multi-view function

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