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MSE video wall controller

4K/8K/16K video wall & Large-scale projection

Single row/single column video wall.

Vertical screen horizontal video wall.

Immersive space, multi-projection solution.

Commercial display, Exhibition hall, Interior renovation.

Customize the resolution according to the project.

VWC Video Wall Controller

Rotation PIP Bezel Correction Web Control

Conventional 16:9 2X2 3X3 4K Video Wall Controller

Rotation function, output image 90 ° / 180 ° rotation

Picture-in-picture mode, multi-view function

Using the Bezel Correction function of Web control

Modular Chassis Standard Rack Unit Video Wall Controller

MSE Modular video wall controller:

1U/2U Rack unit, For point to point (pixel to pixel) 8K 16K video wall, 8K 16K large-scale projection projects

VWC Modular video wall controller:

1U/2U Rack unit, For artistic video wall, Unconventional Video Wall. Bezel Correction via web control. Rotation function & PIP mode.


Multiple Inputs One output display

Multi viewer

High performance 4K screen splitter multi-viewer, 4 x 1, 8 x 1, 16 x 1.

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