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HDMI extender problems and solution collection

By Bitvisus | September 23, 2022 |

HDMI Extender is used to extend the signal device, in some special occasions of long distance transmission, due to the long distance connected directly, the cable is too long to cause signal attenuation so that the image blurred, darkened, trailing and other phenomena, then the extender can play its role.

Extender normally includes the transmitter and receiver, the transmitter is responsible for completing the role of signal acquisition and transmission, the receiver is responsible for completing the signal reception and output to the corresponding equipment. Between the transmitting and receiving end can be coaxial cable, network cable, optical fiber, etc., depending on the application of equipment and different.

network HDMI extender

BIT-EX-HDBT-4K60-KVM Connection instructions

Problems and Solutions

①The image font has trailing

Common causes of failure in general several.

1. the connector is not inserted properly, the contact resistance is large

2. HDMI HD cable has quality problems.

3. Network cable quality is too poor or network cable distance more than the use of distance

Solution: re-insert the connector, use a good quality connector, to ensure good contact. Replace the HDMI cable, the signal source directly connected to see if the display is normal, use a good brand of network cable.

②Screen serious discoloration

Cause of failure: HDMI extender HDMI interface part of the problem of poor contact, the connector is not inserted properly, incorrect use of too long cable.

Solution: Check the HDMI interface or replace the HDMI cable, shake the connector left and right, check whether the poor contact problem and test.

③No image display

Cause of failure: Generally speaking, the HDMI interface is not well connected and the network cable and connector problems.

Solution: Check the HDMI interface and cable part, make sure the connection is smooth and good contact.

④Screen image with oblique lines, stripes.

Cause of failure: Generally, there is strong electromagnetic interference nearby.

Solution: wire around the source of interference, or use shielded network cable and crystal head.

Other Knowledge About Extenders


Conference Room Display

Conference Room Display

Digital Advertising

digital advertising

Command Center

Command Center

Conference Room Display

Conference Room Display

Connection Diagram

● PC (Input) → HDMI Cable → HDMI Extender Transmitter → Network/Fiber optic cable → HDMI Extender Receivers → HDMI Cable, USB Cable→ KVM(Requires device to support KVM function)or Only display screen

About KVM

KVM means Keyboard, Video (Display monitor), Mouse. Not all HDMI extenders have KVM extension capability. 

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