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BIT-Ex-Fib-4K60-KVM 4K60 HDMI Extender USB Extender 10km HDMI to Fiber Converter RS232 HDCP2.2

BIT-Ex-Fib-4K60-KVM 4K60 HDMI Extender USB Extender 10km HDMI to Fiber Converter RS232 HDCP2.2

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📌【High Resolution】: Supports 4K60Hz downward compatible, ensuring crystal-clear visuals, covering both horizontal (≤5760) and vertical (≤3600) resolutions.

📌【Versatile Transmission】: Accommodates HDMI2.0, IR, and RS232 signals, providing flexible options for a variety of setups.

📌【Long Range Extension】: Utilizes LC-LC single-mode and multi-mode fibers for impressive distances, up to 10KM for single-mode and 300M for multi-mode.

📌【Comprehensive Compatibility】: Boasts broad protocol support including HDMI2.0, HDCP2.2 with DVI1.0, VGA, making it versatile for multiple device types.

📌【Robust Package Offering】: Package includes not only the primary device but also essential accessories such as power supply, USB cables, and a standard single-mode dual-core light module.

Product Name BIT-Ex-Fib-4K60-KVM
Transmitter(TX) HDMI2.0 (≤5m), RS232
Receiver (RX) LC-LC Single-mode single-core/dual-core fiber, 10Km
LC-LC Multi-mode fiber, 300m
Transmitter(TX) LC-LC Single-mode fiber/dual-core fiber, 10Km
LC-LC Multi-mode fiber, 300m
Receiver (RX) HDMI2.0 (≤5m), RS232
Audio HDMI out
Other Features
Supported Resolution 4K60Hz downward compatible (Horizontal resolution ≤5760, Vertical resolution ≤3600)
Signal Format Supports various input signal formats and common resolutions; Supports VESA and HDTV signal formats
Color Space Supports RGB444; YUV color space
Pixel Clock 594MHz
Bandwidth 10.2Gbps
Transmission Distance Single-mode single-core: 10KM<br>Single-mode dual-core: 10KM<br>Multi-mode dual-core: 300M
KVM USB1.0, keyboard & mouse
CEC Supported
RS232 Bi-directional RS232 pass-through
3D Video Supported
Remote Wakeup Supported
Interface Protocol HDMI2.0, HDCP2.2 compatible with DVI1.0, VGA
OEM Supported
Power Supply DC 12V 2A
Power ≤7W
Storage/Operating Temp -10~50ºC/-25~55ºC
Purpose HDMI, KVM, RS232 signal extension
Dimensions 105*76*27mm x2
Weight 0.9KG
Package Contents Devic*2, Power supply*2, Dual-head USB cable*1,Single-mode dual-core light module (standard)*2, Certification*1, Warranty card*1
Warranty 1-year
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