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BIT-Ex-IP-4K-KVM 4K HDMI® Extender 100M to Network Cable Converter KVM USB RS232 Signal Extender Transmitter Receiver HDCP

BIT-Ex-IP-4K-KVM 4K HDMI® Extender 100M to Network Cable Converter KVM USB RS232 Signal Extender Transmitter Receiver HDCP

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📌High Resolution- ​BIT-Ex-IP-4K-KVM supports a maximum resolution of 4K30Hz, ensuring high-quality and clear images. It's also downwards compatible with standard resolutions, making it versatile for various display devices.

📌Uncompressed Transmission- ​With advanced video processing technology, this transmitter delivers zero-latency and RGB 4:4:4 signal transmission, preserving the high fidelity of the images and avoiding artifacts.

📌Multiple Features- This device is equipped with numerous features including EDID pre-read, bi-directional RS232 communication, USB-KVM USB2.0 signal transmission, allowing for a wide range of applications such as connecting keyboards, mice, USB drives, radars, printers, etc.

📌Extended Distance & Stability- ​The product ensures stable signal transmission over a long distance, up to 100m, via CAT5E/CAT6. This makes it ideal for applications where signals need to be transmitted across large spaces without degradation.

📌Versatile Application- The BIT-Ex-IP-4K-KVM is suitable for various scenarios such as shopping malls, stadiums, exhibition halls, theme parks, and conference rooms, demonstrating its versatility and adaptability to different environments.

Specification Category Details
Product Name BIT-Ex-IP-4K-KVM

Transmitter (TX):HDMI® 1.4 (≤5m), RS232 signal; Receiver (RX): CAT5E/CAT6

Interface Protocol HDMI® 1.4, HDCP1.4 compatible with DVI1.0, VGA
Output Transmitter (TX): CAT5E/CAT6, 100m;
Receiver (RX): HDMI®1.4 (≤5m), RS232 signal
Audio Audio follows HDMI® output
Supported Resolution 4K30Hz, downwards compatible with standard resolutions
Signal Format Supports various input signal formats; Supports common VESA and HDTV signal formats
Color Space RGB 4:4:4
Max Pixel clock 297MHz
Bandwidth 1Gbps
Transmission Distance 100m
Switching Supports one-to-one, one-to-many (up to 32) options
EDID pre-read Supported
KVM USB 2.0 Supported
CEC Supported
3D video Supported
Power Supply DC 12V 2A
Storage/Operating Temp


Size 105*76*27mm
Weight 0.9KG
Warranty 1 Year
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