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BIT-HPF-103H 1x3 4K HDMI Edge Blending Processor Multi-projection Fusion Hardware

BIT-HPF-103H 1x3 4K HDMI Edge Blending Processor Multi-projection Fusion Hardware

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📌【Edge Blending Mastery】Advanced Fusion Capabilities: The processor delivers an all-in-one fusion and splicing solution, supporting 4K HDMI input and real-time processing of 2-3 high-definition signals. With features like feathering, color correction, and geometric correction, it offers a modular, compact, and easy-to-upgrade system structure. No need to set up again after debugging once

📌【Comprehensive Connectivity】Achieve perfect color and brightness uniformity across different projectors, even of the same make and model. Its built-in color domain correction system ensures color consistency for a more cohesive image when multiple projectors are used.

📌【Comprehensive Color and Brightness Adjustment】Through advanced feathering processes and linear gamma curves customizable for various projection technologies (LCD, DLP, Laser), the hardware ensures seamless, consistent, and unified projection image intensities, even with overlapping areas.

📌【Geometric Correction Mastery】Ideal for complex projection setups such as spherical, dome-shaped, or wavy screens, this processor allows pixel-level adjustments on any arbitrary surface, supporting a variety of unique fusion modes.

📌【Innovative 3D and Synchronization Technologies】Facilitates passive 3D fusion for larger and higher-resolution 3D effects, ensuring synchronous data handling to prevent signal discrepancies. Its dual-buffering technique guarantees synced and seamless visual outputs, devoid of tearing, flickering, or any anomalies.

Product name BIT-HPF-103H
Input interface 1*HDMI 1.4
Output interface 3*HDMI 1.4 / 1*HDMI 1.4 Loop out
Network Port RJ45
Built-in Software Edge Blending Software
Color and Brightness Adjustment
Geometric Correction
Serial Port RS232
Power Rating 75W
Power supply DC 12V2A 
Weight 2.4kg
Size(mm) 440x300x44.5
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