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BIT MSE U2 432 Multi Screen Expansion

BIT MSE U2 432 Multi Screen Expansion

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KEY FEATURES No need to set up, no stretching, no deformation, support hot-plugging, and power-off memory.

KEY FEATURESSupport multiple multi-screen modes with 32 HDMI outputs (4x8, 4x7, 7x4, 3x5, 5x3, 5x5, 11x2, 1x16, 6x5, 3x7, etc).

KEY FEATURESStandard 2U chassis, output supports maximum resolution is 16K*4K.

KEY FEATURES28nm High-end programmable FPGA chip, full hardware real-time processing architecture, no delay switching modes.

KEY FEATURESCommon application includes Conference system, Commercial display, Exhibition, Immersive room, Interactive projection, Digital Classroom, Live stream

Product Name BIT-MSE-U2-432
Input Signal 4*DP, 4*HDMI, 2*RJ45
Output Signal 16 HDMI
Input Max Pixel Clock Rate 600MHz
Output Max Pixel Clock Rate 300MHz
5x5 Max Support Resolution
4x8 Max Support Resolution 15360x4320@30Hz
7x4/4x7 Max Support Resolution 7680x7560@30Hz, 13440x4320@30Hz
5x3/3x5 Max Support Resolution 5760x5400@60Hz, 9600x3240@60Hz
5x2/2x5 Max Support Resolution 3840x5400@60Hz, 9600x2160@60Hz
16x1 Max Support Resolution 1920x17280@60Hz
11x2 Max Support Resolution 3840x11880@30Hz
6x5 Max Support Resolution 9600x6480@30Hz
3x7 Max Support Resolution 13440x3240@60Hz
Factory Default Resolution 3840x2160@60Hz
Hot Plugging
Power-off Memory
Size(L*W*H) 482.6mm*396.8mm*44mm
Weight 10kg
Power supply 12V@2A AC-DC
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