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BIT-MultiPictures Windowing Software Split Screen Software Arrange Windows Control

BIT-MultiPictures Windowing Software Split Screen Software Arrange Windows Control

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📣This product consists of Software + USB key and is not a physical product. Please inquire about how to use it before purchasing. You can also click here to leave your WhatsApp or email, we will contact you as soon as possible!

📌Multiformat Compatibility: Supports a variety of mainstream video and image formats, enhancing usability across different media types.

📌Multi-Display Functionality: Allows simultaneous playback of multiple videos and images, and the opening and control of multiple web pages within the same window, ideal for dynamic presentations and comprehensive monitoring environments.

📌Advanced Screen Management: Offers full-screen splitting, arbitrary window opening, content roaming between windows, and a borderless mode for a seamless visual experience, crucial for professional setups like control rooms or exhibition centers.

📌Customizable Preset Modes: Includes support for preset modes, enabling users to save and recall preferred playback setups effortlessly, boosting efficiency for recurring events or presentations.

📌Versatile Display Support: Compatible with various display terminals including spliced screens, LED displays, monitors, televisions, and projectors, providing an economical and practical solution across diverse venues such as airports, shopping malls, and command centers.

Product name BIT-MultiPicture
Product Content Software + USB Key
Video Format mp4/avi/wmv/mpg/mpeg
Image Format jpg/bmp/png/pgm/ppm/xbm/xpm/tif/webp/jpeg
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