3D Projection Mapping

Brings A New Era Of Projection Visual Art

3D Projection mapping brings a new era of projection visual art

By Bitvisus | December 09, 2022 |

what is Projection Mapping?

Projection Mapping also called 3D Projection Mapping Facade Mapping is to create a kind of fantasy art effect by projecting images onto a flat surface or on one side of an object, such as a car, the facade of a house, or even the exterior of a large building, and adding custom sound and light effects. It can break the physical space and can turn any object surface into animation, achieving a perfect blend of object and animation to produce a stunning visual effect.

3d projection mapping on buildings

3d projection mapping on buildings

The area of 3D mapping projected onto the building is large enough to project images onto the building to create a surreal scene that is more fantastical and impressive to the audience. Through different media and content, various technologies are blended to give a new feeling. The projected objects can be large landscapes like buildings or blocks (building shows), small outdoor objects or theatrical sets, and all kinds of irregular objects such as cars, human faces, wedding dresses, jagged squares, etc. With the special software, you can project two-dimensional or three-dimensional images with the program and adjust the image to fit the object and its environment. 3d mapping projection has been used by artists and advertising designers to add extra dimensions to previously static objects, creating visual illusions and the concept of movement. Projection mapping is often combined with sound, or interactive effects activated by sound, to create a unique audio-visual experience.

Applications in advertising and art

projection mapping was first used in advertising and promotional applications. Major companies such as Nokia, Samsung, BMW, etc. have used projection mapping to create advertisements for their products in major cities. This type of advertising generally uses mapping technology to project images on the edges of buildings. Projections can also be interactive, for example Nokia Ovi Maps has created a light projection that mimics people's movements. The Lyon Festival of Lights in Lyon, a festival in honor of the Virgin Mary, is also starting to incorporate light projections into their displays, such as creating the illusion of a pinball table on the side of a large building. Common techniques for such displays include 3D mapping techniques and 3D projection to create the illusion of depth, and also to create a sense of movement like a swaying building.

3D Projection Mapping on Tourist Attractions

Facade Mapping on Tourist Attractions

Romanian 3D projection mapping competition

Romanian 3D projection mapping competition

In DJs community, More and more DJs will pair their music with sync lighting and motion images. While the most common type of projection is still the usual one, some visual artists have begun to create custom 3d projection mapping for their performances.

Artists can use it as an avant-garde form of expression, and this new technology can transform their creative concept into a 3d projection that interacts with the viewer in a new way. It can display its work on any object, all places are canvases.

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