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BIT-VWC-U1-116 Display Solution - Bezel management in 1x5 video wall

By Bitvisus | September 1 2023 |



16*HDMI outputs, support 4K60 resolution input

Support Web control, Bezel management

Adapted to artistic video walls, unconventional video wall solutions

Project Background and Customer Requirements

In the ever-evolving realm of interior design, the fusion of technology and aesthetics is of paramount significance. Our client seeks to establish an indoor 1x5 video wall to enhance the overall ambiance of the space with decorative elements. However, two significant challenges have arisen:

Due to cost considerations, larger LCD screens with thicker bezels were employed, resulting in visual discontinuity within the video wall.

The unique configuration – vertically mounting the screens together to form a horizontal 1x5 video wall – necessitates a more specialized video wall controller for proper compatibility.

The desired final result? A stunning 1x5 video wall with a resolution of 5400x1920.

1x5 video wall solution monitor mounted vertically

Crafting the Ultimate Visual Experience

After mounting five screens vertically, the HDMI interface of the PC's graphics card is connected to the device, and the device connects to the screen through five HDMI cables, and then connects to the LAN port through the network cable and then accesses the PC to open the WEB control software, using the bezel management function to adjust the pixels at the edge of the screen to achieve the final desired effect.

Bezel management before and after comparison

1x5 video wall image before bezel correction 1x5 video wall controller web control
Bezel Correction VWC video wall controller web control

Exploring Bezel Correction: Understanding Border Correction

Bezel correction is a technology used to compensate for visual gaps (borders) between multiple screen configurations. This correction becomes crucial, especially when the goal is to create visually seamless images across multiple displays, particularly in cases where the borders are larger. It involves discarding portions of image pixels at the edges of each screen to make the overall displayed image appear continuous, rather than appearing as if it's divided into segments displayed on multiple screens due to larger screen gaps.

Bitvisus's flagship product, the BIT-VWC-U1-116, excels in this field. It not only is compatible with vertically mounted 1x5 screens but also offers a convenient Bezel Correction via web control. This capability ensures that the video wall image appears uniform and aesthetically pleasing rather than fragmented across the screens. Furthermore, BIT-VWC-U1-116 can adapt to some of the most unconventional video wall configurations in the industry. Some artistic video walls can also be achieved from this web control software.

Beyond Products: Bitvisus' Commitment to Excellence

At Bitvisus, we believe in providing more than just products. We present solutions. Our suite of services includes:

Video Wall Solutions: Expert solutions designed for varying needs and configurations.

Immersive Space Solutions: Crafting spaces that are engaging and truly immersive.

OED & ODM Services: Tailored solutions to match your unique requirements.

Custom Product Solutions: Why settle for off-the-shelf when you can get a product built to your specifications?

We invite our esteemed clients to reach out and initiate consultations. Let us collaborate to bring your vision to life.

1x5 video wall of portrait screens indoor display solution 2x8 video wall controller

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