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Subway Advertising with a 5760x1080 1x3 Video Wall using the BIT-MSE-4K60-103PRO Controller

By Bitvisus | May 8, 2023 |
1x3 5760x1080 video wall solution 1x3 video wall controller

Create a Visual Impact in Busy Subway Stations

Upgrade the subway station advertising with a captivating 1x3 video wall, delivering a high-definition visual experience that grabs the attention of commuters. With a total resolution of 5760x1080 and point-to-point output, the display remains sharp and distortion-free, making it an ideal solution for subway station advertisements.

BIT-MSE-4K60-103PRO: Versatile Video Wall Controller for High-Impact Advertising

The BIT-MSE-4K60-103PRO video wall controller is the key to building this stunning 1x3 subway advertising video wall. It has many functions, such as:

Excellent single-row/single-column video wall controller, suitable for 1x3/3x1 video wall solutions

1x3 video wall controller with 4K60Hz 1x HDMI and DP input and 3 x 1080P output

Universal compatibility for horizontal and vertical video walls, including vertical screen video walls.

Parallelable for 8K and 16K point-to-point display solutions

BIT-MSE-U1-208 4K 2X8 Video Wall Controller

BIT-MSE-4K60-103PRO 4K 1x3 video wall controller

How To Build This 1X3 Video Wall Solution & Connection Diagram

Typically, if you want to achieve this kind of point-to-point output image. We recommend that you use a PC as the input source. In this solution, we recommend using a GTX1060 graphics card. At the same time, since the input source to the output screen is still within the recommended 15m range, no auxiliary connection devices such as HDMI extenders are used. But whether to use HDMI extenders depend on the actual scenario. Just use the HDMI cable to connect the screen, set the desktop resolution and then use the graphics card's horizontal spanning function to blend the screen, and then adjust the Windows desktop settings to rotate 90 degrees to complete the setup. The following is a simple connection diagram of the program.

1x3-video wall-solution-Connection -Diagram

1x5 vertical screens video wall solution Connection Diagram

Successful Collaboration with Advertisers

Our collaboration with advertisers has proven to be a resounding success in the implementation of the 1x3 video wall at subway stations. By using the BIT-MSE-4K60-103PRO video wall controller, advertisers have been able to create visually stunning displays that effectively communicate their message, resulting in increased visibility and engagement.

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