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Revolutionize Your Office Space with a 1x5 Indoor Display Video Wall and BIT-MSE-U1-208 Controller

By Bitvisus | April 12, 2023 |
1x5 video wall of portrait screens indoor display solution 2x8 video wall controller

A New Way to Showcase Your Company's Vision

Imagine walking into the office and being greeted by a captivating 1x5 indoor display video wall that showcases the company's culture, products, and service team in high definition. This display solution uses five 1920x1080 screens, rotated 90 degrees, to create a 5400x1920 video wall of screens in the portrait that leaves a memorable first impression on visitors.

Introducing the BIT-MSE-U1-208: Your Modular Video Wall Controller

The BIT-MSE-U1-208 modular video wall controller is a key component of this unique 1x5 video wall solution. This powerful 1U unit chassis controller offers:

2x HDMI & DP inputs with 4K60Hz resolution

8x HDMI outputs, supporting video walls up to eight screens, each output supports a Max resolution of 1080P

Universal compatibility for horizontal and vertical video walls, including portrait screen video walls solution

A modular design that allows for customizable input and output ports based on project requirements.

BIT-MSE-U1-208 4K 2X8 Video Wall Controller

BIT-MSE-U1-208 4K 2X8 video wall controller

How to build this 1X5 video wall OF screens in the portrait, solution connection diagram

Typically, if you want to achieve this kind of point-to-point output image. We recommend that you use a PC as the input source. In this solution, we recommend using a GTX1060 graphics card. At the same time, since the input source to the output screen is still within the recommended 15m range, no auxiliary connection devices such as HDMI extenders are used. But whether to use HDMI extenders depend on the actual scenario. Just use the HDMI cable to connect the screen, set the desktop resolution and then use the graphics card's horizontal spanning function to blend the screen, and then adjust the Windows desktop settings to rotate 90 degrees to complete the setup. The following is a simple connection diagram of the program.

1x5-vertical screens-video wall-solution-Connection -Diagram

1x5 vertical screens video wall solution Connection Diagram

Customizable Solution for an Impressive Office Display

1x5 video wall of portrait screens indoor display solution 2x8 video wall controller

With the BIT-MSE-U1-208 , you have the flexibility to design your 1x5 indoor display video wall in the way that best suits your office environment. The modular chassis allows for tailored processing boards to be inserted according to your project's specific needs. This ensures seamless connectivity and a high-quality, point-to-point image that won't stretch or lose clarity.

Experience the Difference with Our Video Wall Solutions

Ready to transform your office with a one-of-a-kind 1x5 indoor display video wall? We invite you to explore the capabilities offered by our video wall and other display solutions, powered by the BIT-MSE-U1-208 multi-screen controller. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and discover the unique advantages our products can provide.

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