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Bitvisus Launches New Product Multiviewer HDMI Matrix Controller BIT-VWC-FHD-404.

By Bitvisus | October 24, 2022 |

Bitvisus has developed this product specifically for market needs, the new multifunctional HDMI matrix with multiview and video wall control. It allows flexible use of multiple modes, HDMI Matrix X Video Wall Controller, Multiview X Video Wall Controller, Multiview X HDMI Matrix. Support 4 in 4 out HDMI matrix function, 4 in 1 out Screen split function, 1 in 4 out splicing video wall control function, 4 in 4 out split + splicing function. Easy to use, no need to set up plug-and-play, pure hardware devices do not need to worry about software-induced incompatibility problems. Can be applied to home audio-visual space, command and control system, multi-screen video surveillance, engineering display applications, multimedia conference hall, game room, Sport bar, etc.

BIT-MV-4K60-401 Front View

BIT-MV-4K60-404 front view

The device HDMI matrix controller, different occasions can be used separately with different functions, but also can be used in combination

Commercial display

Sports Bar 

Medical Display

Medical Display

Conference Room Display

Conference Room Display

About BIT-VWC-FHD-404

BIT-MV-4K60-401 Rear View

BIT-VWC-FHD-404 rear view

Seamless FHD 60hz MultiViewer HDMI matrix video wall controller. High-performance multifunction device, 4 inputs and 4 outputs. Single machine with matrix, video wall control and multi-view function in one

● Input and output support 4 * HDMI 1.4 single-port input 1080P, HDCP 1.4.

● Support any switch Video wall display mode, button control, IR remote control and RS232 via PC control.

●Using 40nm process high-end programmable FPGA chip, pure hardware real-time processing architecture, ultra-fast processing speed without delay

● Low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection design, internal conduction heat dissipation, no need for any external heat dissipation measures, high reliability, can work 24x7.

● The input audio is input with HDMI, and the output is SPDIF output.


New products are now available for order. For more information on the product and scenarios of use or to request solution support, please contact us.

About Bitvisus

Shenzhen Bitvisus Co., Ltd. is leading company focusing on the development, production and sales of series products with FPGA image processing technology and HD audio and video signal transmission as the core. The main products include Video wall controller Processor, Multi-channel projection fusion device, Multiviewer, HDMI matrix, HDMI distributor, HDMI switcher, screen splitter, network HDMI extender, optical fiber transmitter, HDMI optical terminal machine, DVI optical terminal machine, KVM extender and other products.

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