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New Video Wall Controller With Multi-View And Matrix Function

New video wall controller BIT-VWC-4K-404L with multi-view and matrix function

By Bitvisus | March 4th, 2023 |

About BIT-VWC-4K-404L

BIT-VWC-4K-404L: More cost-effective multifunctional Video Wall Controller adapts to your various needs

If you are in search of a powerful and flexible video wall controller that can handle a wide range of display configurations, look no further than the BIT-VWC-4K-404L. This all-in-one device integrates video wall controller, multi-view, and HDMI matrix functions, all in one compact package. With 4 inputs and 4 outputs, this controller supports a wide range of resolutions, including up to 4K at 30Hz.

The BIT-VWC-4K-404L is built with the latest technology and features an HDMI 1.4 input interface with support for HDCP 1.4. Additionally, it offers SPDIF audio output and supports three different modes of control: IR remote, button control, and RS-232 control.

One of the standout features of this video wall controller is its powerful video wall function, which supports up to 4 screens in any splicing mode. Whether you want a regular 2x2 video wall or a more complex configuration like a 1x4 or 1x3 horizontal video wall, or a 2x1 or 3x1 vertical video wall, the BIT-VWC-4K-404L has you covered.

Another key feature of the BIT-VWC-4K-404L is its multi-view function, which supports 6 different screen image-splitting modes. This allows you to display multiple sources on a single screen, making it an excellent option for applications like surveillance or video conferencing.

The BIT-VWC-4K-404L video wall controller is ideal for a variety of application scenarios, such as conference rooms, control centers, exhibition halls, and broadcasting rooms. It can be used to display multiple video sources on a large video wall, allowing for easy and convenient collaboration and information sharing. Additionally, its multi-view function is perfect for displaying multiple video sources simultaneously, making it an excellent choice for broadcasting rooms or other environments where multiple video sources need to be monitored simultaneously. 

The HDMI matrix function of the BIT-VWC-4K-404L supports 4 inputs and 4 outputs, making it easy to switch between multiple sources while still maintaining high-quality video and audio. With this function, the BIT-VWC-4K-404L is also perfect for use in control centers or other environments where multiple displays need to be managed and controlled from a single location. 

Overall, the BIT-VWC-4K-404L is a versatile and powerful video wall controller that can be used in a wide range of applications.

Overall, the BIT-VWC-4K-404L is an exceptional video wall controller that is perfect for a wide range of applications. Whether you need a powerful and flexible controller for your business, school, or home theater, the BIT-VWC-4K-404L has the features and capabilities to meet your needs.

BIT-VWC-4K-404L Hdmi matrix video wall controller


BIT-VWC-4K-404L applications

BIT-VWC-4K-404L multi-view function

BIT-VWC-4K-404L multi-view function

BIT-VWC-4K-404L multi-view function

BIT-VWC-4K-404L video wall control

About BIT-VWC-4K-404

New Product Multiviewer HDMI Matrix Controller BIT-VWC-FHD-404.

If you need a video wall with matrix function, or a matrix with multi-view function, then you can learn about this video wall controller: BIT-VWC-FHD-404. It has all the functions of 404L and has more multi-view display modes.

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