InfoComm 2023

A Momentous Milestone: Bitvisus' Successful Debut at InfoComm2023

A Momentous Milestone: Bitvisus' Successful Debut at InfoComm2023

By Bitvisus | July 1, 2023 |
bitvisus infocomm2023 audio-visual hardware manufacturer oem odm

As the curtains come down on InfoComm2023, we, at Bitvisus, look back at a journey marked by innovation, dedication, and shared successes. A significant chapter in our story, the exhibition stands as a testament to our team's unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of the audio-visual industry.

At the heart of this successful journey stands Millie Guan, our Sales Manager, who led the charge at InfoComm2023. She shares, "I'm delighted to represent Bitvisus at this industry show. Despite the many challenges we faced along the way, both in terms of communication and booth setup, I am deeply grateful for the cross-time zone support and cooperation from all of our partners."

Millie's extraordinary dedication, ceaseless engagement, and strategic insights brought in a remarkable number of new partners and clients from the AV industry. Her efforts shone brightly throughout the exhibition, embodying the Bitvisus spirit of relentless pursuit of excellence.

Also contributing significantly to the event's success was Andy Tang, another key Sales Manager from our team. Although unable to be physically present, he embraced modern technology to engage with partners in real-time, extending our reach in the AV industry. Andy reflects, "It's an honor to work alongside Millie in ensuring effective communication during this event, further enhancing Bitvisus' visibility in the AV industry."

bitvisus infocomm2023 hardware manufacturer Photo with customer
bitvisus infocomm2023 hardware manufacturer Photo with customer

Bitvisus' first exhibition in the United States marks a milestone in our journey. The path leading up to this achievement was not without its challenges, yet our team, including Millie and Andy, demonstrated an unwavering resilience, uniting to overcome obstacles. This is the ethos that defines us at Bitvisus - we are more than just a team; we are a family that comes together to achieve greatness.

This successful debut at InfoComm2023 is a testament to our collective strength, dedication, and innovative spirit. It inspires us to look forward to the year ahead with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. It's a year we anticipate will be filled with learning, growth, and even more achievements as we continue to redefine the boundaries of the audio-visual industry.

As we celebrate this landmark achievement, we also set our sights on the future. We look forward to another successful exhibition at InfoComm next year, armed with our innovative solutions, our unwavering commitment to excellence, and a team that turns challenges into opportunities.

Here's to a year of progress and to the family that is Bitvisus - innovating, achieving, and leading the way in the audio-visual industry.

About Bitvisus

Established in 2018, Shenzhen Bitvisus Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading high-tech enterprise focusing on FPGA image processing, audio and video signal processing, and transmission technologies, integrating R&D, production, and sales. Our product range includes over 30 items, such as ultra-high-resolution video wall controllers (4K, 8K, 16K video wall processing), multi-functional video wall controllers (rotation, picture-in-picture, with HDMI matrix switching capabilities), HDMI matrix switchers, HDMI extenders (network extension, fiber-optic extension), multi-view screen opening software, projection fusion processors, and embedded projection fusion processors. We have established deep partnerships with numerous global audio-visual project service providers, visual project providers, and advertising and marketing service providers. Our products are widely used in shopping malls, commercial performances, advertising media, exhibition halls, and other audio-visual projects.

Since building our core R&D team in 2013 and officially registering Bitvisus in 2018, we have been committed to technological innovation. In recent years, we have successfully attracted top talent from leading companies in the industry, such as Huawei, ZTE, and Xilinx, allowing our company to stand out and lead the field.

At Bitvisus, we not only provide excellent products and services but also have a team of professional audio-visual consultants to offer comprehensive solutions for your needs. Whether you encounter problems while using our products or face challenges in implementing audio-visual solutions, we are dedicated to providing you with support and services wholeheartedly.

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