immersive room

Ten Projectors Connect One PC Multi-projection edge blending solution


How to connect Ten projectors to one PC and then perform edge blending

By Bitvisus | November 31, 2022 |


Inside an art exhibition in Shanghai, a 360° immersive room attracted a lot of attention. With the theme of aurora borealis, the colorful light made everyone feel as if they were in a dream world. So How was such a dreamy immersive scene built?

10 projectors to create an immersive room

immersive room

Why the projector was chosen?

The four walls of the immersive room, we have a variety of solutions to choose from, such as the use of large LCD or LED whole screen for video wall solutions, the whole screen high resolution LCD or LED screen cost is relatively high, in this confined dark space, the use of projectors to create a multi-projection immersive space is undoubtedly the best choice!

How to connect 10 projectors to one computer?

We know that in most cases a computer has only one graphics card, and the typical graphics card has at most four outputs, which is obviously not enough to connect all the projectors. To connect multiple projectors to one computer, you need to use our MSE series video processor. As a video wall processor Series product, it can not only serve as a video wall processor, but of course is also able to handle the use of projectors for display wall solutions. It is able to achieve the expansion of the output channel of the graphics card, spanning dispaly through the graphics card into a single image.

In this solution we use two products to expand the output channel of the graphics card.

First, two BIT-MSE-4K60-103PROs to connect 6 projectors, and then one BIT-MSE-4K60-104PRO to connect 4 projectors. This way we have 10 projectors connected to one PC.

Here is the topology diagram of the solution:

10 projectors to create an immersive room

What are the advantages of using MSE series products to do multi-projector blending?

Of course, building an immersive room is not simply a case of connecting the cables; we also have to perform a wle series of multi-projection setups. For multi-channel blend installations, it is essential to blend the different images from multiple projectors and blend and warp them to create the illusion of a smooth image. Suppose we use multiple computers to perform edge blending. In that case, this increases the workload significantly, whereas if we use one computer to connect all the projections, we only need to use the edge blending software on one computer to complete all the projection edge blending settings. At the same time, we can also reduce the number of graphics cards used, significantly reducing the project's cost. In this project, we usually need to connect three graphics cards in the normal process. However, with the MSE series products, only one card is required.

Video of the Solution

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